‘Our spirits soared as we walked taking salutes from various Germans. Once out of sight German boots, belts, tunics and caps were sent flying… We now stood as respectable civilians in clothes made from grey flannels and dyed pyjama coats’

– Captain John Logan

How did Captain John Logan of the 7th (Stirlingshire) Battalion ‘dress-up’ to escape a German POW camp?

Captain Logan was one of five men who made their escape by walking out of a Prisoner of War camp dressed as German officers. They made the uniforms inside the camp along with forging faked papers. The quality of the replica uniforms and papers was good enough to fool the sentry. The German examined the papers, saluted the ‘officers’ and let them pass through. The men were recaptured five days later.

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Captain John Logan continued his service with the 7th (Stirlingshire) Battalion after the war and was promoted Lieutenant Colonel.

Dressed to impress